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Benefits of working with us

We will show you how DLX Insurance can help you grow your business, answer your questions, discuss your market, help you choose the best carriers and set you up with the best commission schedule available. As an Agent, who associates with DLX Insurance, you will receive all of the following benefits and services:

100% Independence

You are 100% Independent. You own all rights to your clients, commissions and renewals. You do not need to assign your commissions. 

Direct Contracts

Your contracts are direct with each insurance company and are 100% vested from the first policy written. You are not captive.You will have access to all the quality health products in your area, even products that may have production requirements for individual agents. 

Many Carriers to Choose From

We offer the top Insurance carriers in the industry, including Anthem, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare, Humana and many others.

Top Commissions

You will be paid top level commissions in the industry and will have no production requirements with us for most contract levels. We offer Advanced Commission contracts with most insurance companies. 

Business Growth Guidance

DLX Insurance will directly help you recruit, train and grow your business which will allow you to qualify for higher carrier contract levels. 

Free Support Services

Individual and Group Medicare Training on Products, Unique Insurance Concepts and Proven Sales Methods. We offer training webinars on product knowledge, prospecting, pre-qualifying, presenting, closing, using technology, and much more. 

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See our contact form to set up a private, “one on one” consultation. 

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